The Complete Guide To Razer Cortex: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Games

The Complete Guide To Razer Cortex: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Games

Razer Cortex is among some of the most popular game boosters that you can download. It’s free and it’s developed and released by one of the most well-known gamer hardware companies, Razer. The main goal of Razer Cortex is to boost your overall performance while gaming, but it also comes with some useful utilities and features. It’s free and it doesn’t cost you to give Razer Cortex a try if you want to squeeze in extra frame rate from your old and low-spec PC. 

What we like a lot about Razer Cortex is that it’s 100% free. There aren’t any pop-ups or unwanted ads that will annoy you while gaming. There also isn’t any extra unnecessary software downloaded along with Razer Cortex. Razer is a reliable and well-known company so they wouldn’t want to bother their fans with unnecessary ads or subscriptions. 

When you launch Razer Cortex, its main function is to terminate all unnecessary tasks and processes that are slowing down your PC and taking up resources. You can also do this manually, allowing certain software to run in the background. For example, an internet browser can take huge amounts of resources, yet some people enjoy listening to podcasts or music while gaming. Thankfully, there are a lot of lightweight alternatives to using your browser while gaming, but it’s good to know that this is an option.

Game boosters have some features similar to other system optimization tools. Razer Cortex will do various tasks such as defragging the game directory, changing network settings and emptying the disk cache. But Razer Cortex doesn’t do this as “thoroughly” as software in that category does, but it helps a lot with boosting performance. With the speed-up optimizer tool, a lot of Windows processes that are constantly running will be terminated, but an important downside of this is that Razer Cortex doesn’t give an explanation on any of these processes. If you happen to terminate a task that was crucial to your OS working properly, your video game or system might crash at some point. 

What hardcore gamers will like a lot about Razer Cortex is the fact that you have a built-in “Deals” section where you can find the best deals and discounts on various games. You can connect your Steam with Razer Cortex and each time there is a discount on a game from your wishlist, Razer Cortex will let you know. On top of that, Razer Cortex combines the best prices from over 15 most popular game shops, including Steam, GOG, Epic, Humble Store, etc. 

While playing your favorite game, you can earn Razer silver which is a virtual currency that you can use to purchase various video games or Razer hardware. However, you can only learn a limited amount by playing 15 minutes daily, and when there are special promotions. You might need to play a thousand hours before you can buy even the cheapest piece of Razer hardware. But it’s an awesome feature that might motivate you to use Razer Cortex.


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