A Comprehensive Guide To Etcher: The Best Way To Burn ISO Images

A Comprehensive Guide To Etcher: The Best Way To Burn ISO Images

Today we’re going to talk about Etcher which is another popular open-source bootable USB creator that is light-weight, easy to use, has a user-friendly interface, and is free!

Etcher is lightweight software, in fact, you don’t have to install the program on your computer, you just need to download the Etcher software from their website, once downloaded just run the program as administrator and you can begin creating your desired bootable USB.

This is great for users who are not comfortable with having a lot of one-time-use software installed on their computers that may possibly become bloatware in the future if they forget to uninstall it.

On creating a bootable USB, once running Etcher, under the ISO or Disk Image tab will allow you to navigate your computer’s file system to locate your desired ISO or DOS file.

When setting up your bootable USB Etcher will do it in a hurry. It is comparably faster than other bootable USB creators and is constantly being updated to improve both its speed and performance and compatibility along with the mandatory bug fixes if there are any. But do not worry just because Etcher is fast in flashing your desired ISO to your bootable USB does not mean it did not take the time to properly flash the image. 

In relation to bug fixes what if you do encounter a bug or worse a problem that does not enable you to create your desired bootable USB? Are you stuck waiting for a fix? Not necessarily firstly you can email the development team as per their website, use GitHub issue tracker or search for videos on tutorials on the same or similar issues as there are plenty of users of Etcher.

So, you might be wondering if Etcher supports your desired ISO file. Want to use Windows XP? Go ahead Etcher supports all Windows versions starting from Windows XP (SP2) all the way up to Windows 10.

As for those who want to try out Linux but want it on a portable bootable device Etcher might just be what you are looking for. This bootable USB creator is compatible with most of the popular Linux distros such as Linux Mint! This is perfect for those who are looking to try out another operating aside from Windows or Mac since Linux Mint is seen as some of the most complete, bug-free, and easy to use Linux Distros with a great user interface that does not require new users to instantly become power users to enjoy Linux.

For a more comprehensive list and look at what other ISOs Etcher is compatible with they have a list on their website of compatible ISOs. However, that list is not exclusive you are free to test any operating system ISO you want and see if Etcher can flash it properly and report it to the development team so that they could hopefully add it to the list.

Another great feature of Etcher is its vast native language support. Translation of User-Interface elements isn’t the priority especially when it comes to free and Open-source software, but Etcher supports a lot of languages and you can even make your own translations by following the guide on their website. This is great since a lot of users that do not have English as their native language still prefer their mother tongue even when using the software.


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