A Complete Guide To Pop!_OS: The Best Linux Distro

A Complete Guide To Pop!_OS: The Best Linux Distro

This is yet another Ubuntu-based Linux distro that is known as a re-skinned Ubuntu because of its flat theme, vibrant colors, clutter-free desktop environment, and overall pretty look. But it’s so much more than a pretty piece of software! Pop!_OS has been designed for both tech-savvy professionals and new Linux users. The developers of the software aimed to create a top-notch functioning OS with a desktop that inspired out-of-the-box thinking. 

To run Pop!_OS, you will need a minimum of 2 GB RAM, 64-bit processor, and 14 GB storage. When you start the installation process, you will come across the option to choose your time zone and connect your online accounts with your desktop. Plus, the out-of-the-box encryption takes care of your preferences in terms of keyboard layout, installation method, language, etc. 

The software can be downloaded without any charges. However, if you still want to give it a trial run before installation, you can copy the .iso file to a USB and boot the operating system from there. This Linux distro is available in two versions – NVIDIA and Intel/AMD. This ensures the proprietary NVIDIA drivers are available for NVIDIA systems, in addition to exceptional performance and CUDA tools. If you have Oryx Pro systems, you can switch between Nvidia and Intel graphics by toggling the top-right corner of the screen. 

Pop!_OS developers have high regard for privacy, which is why they have enabled the encryption by default in the software and disabled reporting through Ubuntu. Similarly, communication with any third-party app cannot take place without user consent. With this emphasis on privacy, Pop!_OS shows that you should have control over your data, and not the manufacturers.  

One of the advantages of Pop!_OS being derived from Ubuntu is that you get similar access to the software as its parent. Plus, the bug fixes and improvements are kept on a rolling release cycle, so you don’t have to wait out for months to get a functioning release. Another great thing about this distro is that it comes with pre-installed Vulkan libraries and drivers, so you can take benefit of your GPU’s performance. If you select the NVIDIA version upon installation, it will download the NVIDIA drivers too. Coming to the performance of this distro, Pop!_OS doesn’t market itself as a lightweight software but it has still demonstrated itself to be a resource-efficient program. 

Pop!_OS also supports recovery partition, which is a full copy of the installation disk and can be used in a similar way as a live disk copy of the distro booted from the USB. The existing version of the distro can be reinstalled or repaired using the recovery mode. You can either go with a fresh install, which resets all the data existing in your operating system, or you can go with a refresh install, which enables you to execute the reinstallation process without losing data from the Home folder. 

Pop!_OS has proved to be a pain-free, fast operating system that rarely comes across issues. The developers behind this software constantly work on improving its performance and usability, and its wide acceptance is the proof! 


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